My mission is to help teach churches and leaders how to organize, automate and generate growth!

Watch my case study where I show you how I help idled church congregations break barriers, and grow exponentially in as as little time possible. 

Welcome To Church Amplify

If you’re here, then you’re most likely a pastor or leader of a new or an idled church that is seeking to break down the walls of a stagnate or dwindling church body. If you’re looking to exponentially grow your church members and attenders in the fastest way possible then you’re in the right place and you’re going to love what I have to say.


Wake the dry bones in your stagnate or dwindling congregation. Learn how I help pastors and church leaders install "taps" to flood their church on demand!

Save Time

I dedicate myself to growing your church so that you don't have to. Its time you started focusing more on your ministry and not stretching yourself thin.


Learn how I help church congregations install a turn-key system to help skyrocket their church and start growing RIGHT NOW!

It's time for change! It's Time For Growth!

Lessen Church Tasks & Get Back Time

Alleviate The Amount Of Helping Hands

Get 20-50 New Members & Attenders Every Single Month

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