What Seminary Never Told You

What Seminary Never Told You

by Jane
April 24, 2019

Easier Said Than Done

It’s easier said than done. A simple five-word saying that carries all the weight and harsh realities of pastoring or leading a church, wouldn’t you agree?

One of the main challenges we see in the modern church today is attracting and retaining new viewers, attendees, and members. You see the truth is that the modern-day member is becoming more and more difficult to entice, invite, and retain… and if that wasn’t a job in its self, you then have to keep them entertained, engaged and active to avoid a congregation made up of stale and idled members who seem to only want to show up, eat (spiritually), crowd the sanctuary as we attempt to shut down, and never want to give of their time, energy or (dare I say) money. Well…at least that’s what I used to think.

The Harsh Reality And The Offer

You see Most Church Congregations see spikes in growth for several months in a given year then suddenly experience a dwindling congregation sometimes causing the church to close their doors OR a stagnant church body where 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.

So church leaders make honest attempts to wake the dry bones and spark growth by hosting holiday events, outdoor rallies, door to door evangelizing and costly ministry retreats just to see a small unsustainable boom in attendants and watch the numbers recede once again and rust regrow over the once helpful hands. But instead of small sporadic growth attempts that never fail to revert back, wouldn’t you rather want to know how to grow your church congregation by 20, 30,40 even 50 new members & attendees every single month with absolute predictability?

I’m not referring to members looking to sit back, have their fill, be served and never serve. I’m talking about members willing to plug-in, lend a helping hand and give of their time for the growth of the kingdom and the great commission.

You see I have discovered a system that enables me to predictably generate HIGHLY ENGAGED  members and attendees on demand.

I call this “Tapping The Stream”. You see back then for the early pioneer settlers, water was the lifeline to their crops, livestock, and wellbeing, but not so easily accessible. so they developed a system that involved them tapping into running streams, enabling them to get water whenever they desired it.

Now while that might sound blatantly obvious, the number of Pastors and Church Leaders that can say they have a “tap” in their stream is small.

Cold And Unknown Sustainability

The truth is that when most Pastors and leaders open the tap for their church, the streams have dried up OR they (in reality) have to carry the porcelain jar to the river to be filled in small increments.

This not only causes them to feel worn, spread thin, and energy depleted. It also costs them more of their valuable and ire-fundable time from their ministry and more importantly, family.

Even Pastors and church leaders who do succeed in getting water to flow for a time, live in a constant state of fear that the water may dry-up again at any given moment.

For many Pastors and Leaders (most of them in fact) this is the reality they face:

Each week experimentation, hope, and determination meet the cold unknown and unexpected, and with luck,      as a result, the water may flow again for this service.

And if it doesn’t flow again this service maybe it will flow again next service, perhaps it will flow heavier than before and perhaps it will flow for longer than a short period of time but who knows?

Only Pastors and Church Leaders with a predictable system for attracting and retaining members or attendees can say “when I open my tap, the waters for this church flow”.

The Answer You’ve Been Seeking

Hi My name is Melanie Rodriguez and in this article, I’m going to share exactly how you can grow your church congregation by 20, 30,40 even 50 new members & attendees every single month with absolute predictability.

I’m also going to share with you:

1).  The biggest mistake most Pastors and leaders are making when it comes to getting new members and attendees.

2).  The two things that the accelerated-churches have present in their church systems that the strugglers do not

3)  The simple, proven, 4 step system that generates viewers and attendees and how you can start putting this to work inside your church right now

So if you’re a Pastor or Church Leader looking for a predictable way to generate highly engaged members and attendees on demand… and exponentially grow your church congregation to the next level then you’re definitely in the right place, and you’re going to love what I’m about to say next.

Now the top three people who I work with fall into the following categories:

1).  Pastors and church leaders leading a dwindling or stagnant church

2).  Christian influencers or motivational speakers looking to expand their message reach

3).  Established Churches looking to exponentially grow their members

Now the best thing about this predictable church member system is that it:

1).  targets highly engaged viewers and audiences

2).  It works with ANY budget

3).  It’s based on PROVEN results

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we can separate churches into one of these two categories:

1). Average – These are churches with small stagnant or dwindling congregations whose members and attendees seem to fluctuate with inconsistent tithes and offerings and 80% of the church responsibilities are up-kept by 20% of the church body.

2).  Accelerated Church –  These are churches who seemingly grow effortlessly year after year multiplying campuses each with a thousand plus members in attendance per service. Always have more helping hands than needed. And members on fire and willing to serve at any given moment.

What is it that allows some churches to expand locations, build campuses, and host curriculums while other churches make less than they could in a full-time job and struggle to make rent or ends meets?

After talking to successful pastors and church leaders I have realized that the accelerated-churches have two key things in place while the average and strugglers have only one of the two or most of the times none.

And the truth is that if you have both of these things in place in your church and congregation it becomes very easy and predictable to attract and retain 50 new viewers and attendees per month or more.

Well the best way I can explain this to you is with the story of the  engineers at NASA and their determined Soviet counterparts in The Space Race   

Back in 1969, the race was heating up to become the first human beings to set foot on another celestial body and the Soviets became utterly obsessed with “the number of engines”.

You see the Soviets believed in this scenario that more was more… and in believing so, they produced a design that required 30 engines that were placed in a circular fashion in hopes that more engines meant more power and would ultimately get them to the top faster.

While this went on to become one of the greatest engines that we know and use to this day, it’s individualized engines quickly became overworked and exhausted that in the end resulted in a rocket that had multiple failed attempts to the moon. Thus being rendered completely useless at the time.

NASA took a different approach, while the Soviets obsessed with the number of engines, NASA focused on one engine that eventually became powerful enough to generate enough thrust on its own.  Because NASA didn’t delegate their attention on multiple engines and waste time trying to make it work, they were able to focus all their attention, time and resources on just the one and successfully sent our astronauts to the moon and winning the Space Race.

Now I want you to pause for a moment and let this next point really sink in because it’s a big one and it’s almost the exact opposite to what everybody else out there is feeding you.

Today in the Modern Church we are repeating history with the “amount of engine” obsession.

Most pastors and leaders are overly obsessed with the number of traffic sources and completely ignoring their system to convert that traffic into members and attendees.

Most pastors and leaders are obsessed and frenzied over the new CRM or social media platform, “revival” event, outdoor rally, media, and light presentation or praise team’s playlist, when in reality all they’re doing is strapping more and more engines to a fundamentally flawed idea.

Now, remember how I told you that the Churches who are flourishing have two things in place that the Average and strugglers don’t?

Well, those two things are:

1).  High quality, converting and targeted traffic

2).  A system that will convert that traffic into viewers and attendees who eventually become members

Because here’s the truth…

If you can’t pay money to acquire a new viewer or visitor – then you don’t have a system to fill your church at will.

Now let’s get into the heart of this AND show you exactly how you can get a predictable system for generating highly engaged members and attendees right now.

There are only two things that matter as a growing church and congregation and they are:

1).  Developing the right message

2).  Delivering to the right audience

But how does one know what that message is?

Well, imagine a scenario where a patient walks into a doctors office and quietly sits while the doctor attempts to guess the patient’s diagnosis. and because he is uncertain, he prescribes a dozen unnecessary medications in hopes of curing his patient’s pain.

but wouldn’t it be easier for the doctor to simply ask where it hurts to provide the best suitable solution for his patient?

You see most of the time as pastors and leaders it’s hard to guess what the church needs to hear. What are their struggles? What are their strongholds? What are their fears?

A Simpler way to find out and take the guesswork out of the equation is to simply conduct more counseling sessions this way the body is literally telling you where it hurts and asking how to fix it.

If you’re experiencing a dwindling or stagnant congregation then let me ask you these two questions:

1).  How many counseling sessions did you have in the last 7 days?

And if you didn’t hold many counseling sessions then answer me this…

2).  What did you do in the last 7 days to know exactly what your church needed to hear?

You see as a Pastor or leader it’s very easy to get distracted by all these new platforms, features and functions but the raw reality is that generating the right message and delivering to the right audience are the only two things that matter

The “Accelerated Churches” in your city or town, the flourishing congregations with 500 – 1000+ members and attendees on any given Sunday have a predictable method for generating viewers and they know these two numbers down to the dollar.

1).  Cost To Generate Viewers

2).  Cost To Acquire A Church Member

When you have a predictable system for generating viewers and you know these two numbers …every month is as simple as generating the right message and then spending the required amount of money to place that message in front of the right audience.

While the struggling / dwindling  congregations are looking to pull a new rabbit out of the hat to get some new members and attendees to grow their church and thoroughly thinking out a plan B that involves another retreat, revival event, or guest speaker if the things don’t work out, the accelerated churches are spending a predictable amount of money to generate a predictable amount of viewers, and a predictable amount of new members, and a predictable amount of new profits.

So what does this system look like?

Well, it starts with generating the right message and getting it in front of the right audience that strikes a nerve and generates a response.  We do this by calling out your ideal viewer and speaking about his/her pain in a vivid detailed way that makes him/her feel like we know their issues better than they do and must have the answer to their problem.

Once we get their attention we prove that ultimately God and the promises of his word can solve their problem. Then we extend the invitation and ask them to reach out if they would like additional help.

The result of executing this correctly is that you will have a predictable way to generate 20, 30, 40 even 50 new highly engaged viewers and attendees month after month.

And the best part?  You will know down to the dollar and day how your church and marketing efforts will perform.  You will finally have the tap in your church’s stream that opens the running water when and how long YOU want it to.

Now in order To execute this predictable member system correctly you need to get these four things in alignment and I refer to this as “cracking the code”.

The 4 things are:  message – market – media – system

When you have these four things in alignment you can unlock the code and literally have some amazing results

Now again, you have to have the right system to be able to do this and get these results OR you can do it the hard way which is like going up to the lock and trying to guess the code, but you know there are more than 10,000 possible combinations to a 4 digit lock?  Well, you can try to crack it yourself and who knows maybe you will find a combination that works in a year or two or three but most probably never.

Or.  You can do it the easy way and just get the code to unlock it and get the results immediately and that’s what I do all day in my own business and for my clients and their churches.

Well by now you’re probably thinking: How can I get a predictable system in my church that can generate 20, 30, 40 even 50 new highly engaged viewers and members every single month?

This is perfect for you if you are looking to:

Increase your rest

Spend less time thinking of the next thing to do

Reduce your workload & stress

Generate immediate results

Because right now I’m looking for a few more of my “dream clients”.

Where I can help them get these kinds of massive results that I’ve shared with you. That’s why for a limited time I’d like to work with you in a marketing strategy session if you meet the criteria below.

See I primarily work with three types of clients:

1).  People who want to generate more church members, attendees, and viewers, who are ready to buy now and don’t penny pinch and delay decision

2).  People who want to improve their growth and production consistency

3).  People who want to dramatically increase their tithes and offerings  to make more money for their church or ministries while dealing with less work and headaches

So here’s how the process works:

We will be focussed on a specific and custom tailored strategy and execution to help you solve the two biggest problems that most Pastors and leaders face:

1).  Traffic and generating the targeted segment of highly engaged viewers who are ready to serve and commit now

2).  Conversion and making sure that you have a system that takes audiences and converts them into highly engaged viewers and attendees in a predictable down to the dollar and day fashion.

This marketing strategy session will take around 30 minutes and you will be speaking with me personally and I’ll be helping you identify what you’ve already got and helping you put together a strategy to dramatically grow your church congregation by 3, 4 even 5x without increasing the amount of time you spend in your ministry.

So who is this for?

Well, this is for:

-Pastors, Church Leaders, Speakers and Christ Influencers with a solid track record, already speaking at events, services or conferences.

-Pastors or Leaders of a dwindling or stagnant church ready for revival or at the brink of closing their doors.

-This is for people who know they are good at what they do and they truly believe that they can dominate their ministry and make a difference in their community and win the lost for Christ.

-It’s also for people who truly value helping others and guiding them to salvation above everything else.

-Willing to have some “skin in the game” and understand that they need to invest some money to grow their church and take it to that next level

So who is this not for?

This is not for:

-People who want to start or like the idea of having a church, you must already have something going and be good at what you do

-People who make excuses and complain or not willing to implement change for growth.

-People who are looking for a “grow big quick” solution and aren’t prepared to take massive action.

-Anyone not serious about growing their church congregation by another 20 – 50 members every single month.

Now knowing that we’re a good fit is crucial because I like to get ALL of my clients results and work with them for the long term and to do that I need to get them a quick ROI and the truth is that there are some people and churches who I can not help and if that’s the case I will be 100% up front with you and suggest somebody else or an alternative, I’m only looking for those who are a good fit and who I am certain I can get results for.

The first step is to complete an application for a private strategy session below and this application is necessary to determine 1. that I can help you and I’m the best person to help you generate those results and 2. that you’re ready to step up, commit, take action and do the required work to generate the results.

Now once I receive your application you will be able to schedule a time with me to conduct your strategy session and this is where we will really begin working together to figure out where you are now, where you want to be and how to bridge the gap in the fastest time possible and with predictability.

And then at the end of the call 1 or 2 things will happen, you’ll either be a fit and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients or if it’s not a good fit that’s totally ok too and there’s no hard feelings or obligations or anything.

Either way, you will receive an insanely valuable strategy session and will walk away with newfound clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving the results that you want.  That together with the exact next steps necessary to take action and break through your barriers.  It will likely be the most valuable 30 minutes you invest in your church this year.  So go ahead and complete your application now and we will see if we’re a good fit for doing business together.

Now because of the intense 1on1 time needed in order to provide you with results and because as I said before… I only work with clients who I know with certainty and conviction that I can generate the results and a return on their investment, the window to book your time with me is very limited.

So with that being said please understand that this window of opportunity won’t be available for long and what I have found is those who have the ability to make decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get results and most likely to become my best clients and crush it together for years to come.

So if you’re ready for change, ready for a turn-key solution and you feel like this is right for you go ahead and apply right now to see if you qualify and then go ahead and follow the instructions on the next page. I’ll see you inside!


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